About Me


Loving your job – the strongest motivation ever for the best performance

What is important for website?

Attractive design or functionality? Both elements turned out to be equally important, so I learnt to combine them both, examples are available for viewing on my Portfolio . The results excelled my own and my clients’ expectations and made me realise that the harmony of these things represent the key to success.


Web designing

Is one of the main business fields where I realise myself. I have immense experience in website designing, production, consulting and maintenance, therefore I can offer a complete package of services to my clients;

• Personal consulting;
• Needs analysis;
• Website designing;
• Innovative design;
• SEO (search engine optimisation);
• Website support and maintenance.

What is important for SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the type of advertising offering the best payback at the moment. Correct completion of SEO is highly important to prevent causing damage to website attendance. If proper work is completed with SEO, the result can be soon reaped.

What to start from?

Contact me, I believe that I can offer you competetive price! Also we will discuss the matters you are interested in.